IRAD Research Portfolio Ontology

For the development of the database, a data collection template was designed by a working group of representatives from member agencies of the Interagency Committee on Disability Research. Currently, the template allows for categorization of the disability research by two layers of data categories: Award Information and Research Information.

Award Information

This category allows for collection of basic information about the award, such as project information (i.e., project number, title, abstract, award amount), investigator information (i.e., name, institution), and award purpose. Award purpose denotes research, training, resources, and educational support awards.

Research Information

The research proposed for each project is classified in three categories: disability category, organisms of study, and clinical trial.

Ontology Definitions

Award Information

Award Purpose

Award Purpose Definitions
Research Awards that support biomedical or public health research
Training and Career Development Awards designed to prepare investigators for careers in biomedical sciences. Training awards can be institutional or individual fellowships. Individuals are typically in graduate or medical school or in training positions immediately following receipt of PhD or MD or other advanced degree. Or to develop the independent careers of researchers who have already earned their advanced degree
Resources and Infrastructure Awards made to support the implementation and maintenance of resources (like databases, repositories) and/or core facilities or those that provide for the acquisition of research equipment, technology or infrastructure
Educational Support Awards made to support educational activities such as conference and workshops, and efforts to create, implement, evaluate and disseminate new courses, curricula and educational approaches to train biomedical scientists, healthcare professionals, patients, care givers, families and other community members

Research Information

Disability Category

Disability Category
Mental Health

Organisms of Study

Organisms of Study
Animal and Human
Material Science/Engineering

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial